The 2 in 1 product to always have with you!
In addition to benefiting from 24 hours of listening, you'll never run out of battery power again thanks to the integrated Powerbank, which allows you to charge your smartphone wherever you are, while enjoying your music.
The combination of the Powerbank and the TWS Bluetooth 5.0 wireless earphones brings you sound quality and autonomy!

SoulRun - Luminous earphones

Run safely in the dark with the Encore SoulRun, the first bluetooth earphones with luminous laser laces.
Laser can be activated or not, which allows users to run safely in the city or countryside while enjoying exceptional sound thanks to the Qualcomm chipset. That is why SoulRun are the perfect earphones for passionned runners.
Specifications: High quality sound, up to 8h music playtime, up to 4h with laser on, waterproof, designed for sport.


Discover the AirTouch effect...
These Bluetooth earbuds have no keys, just touch them to move to the next music, pause or even hang up. No key! Indeed, we use touch technology to provide an outstanding product experience to our users. Thanks to the realtek chipset, you can enjoy superior sound quality with more than 6 hours of autonomy!
Their brilliant effects located on the tactile part make them real technological jewels.


For sound lovers...
Dual Driver technology means that each earbud contains two separate speakers, which allows for less sound distortion but also greater efficiency thanks to an advanced filter that will separate the different sound frequencies to make them softer and more accurate. This technology creates superior sound quality, no matter what type of music you listen to....
PureSound, a must at Encore!

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of the different features

Intelligent control command

We design control remotes tailored to your needs. You can change the soundtrack, launch a voice command, or switch from a call to another with disconcerting ease.

Active Noise Cancellation

Noise cancellation makes it possible to listen to audio content without raising the volume excessively. It can also help a passenger to sleep in a noisy vehicle such as an airliner. Some Encore products are equipped with this type of technology.


Deep bass

Encore headphones are all made from deep bass. The idea is to provide to the user the right sound quality. Deep bass offers a pleasant music experience. Enjoy the sound at 200%.

Magnetic earbuds

You will love the magnetic function of our headphones. This will allow you to use them in sport, at work, on the street or in transport and not to lose them when you stop using them.

Designed for sport

When we practice a sport, it is important to stay focused... So it is not pleasant to be disturbed by headphones that are not designed to fit our ears when we isolate ourselves with good music. Encore brand headphones have been developed to give our ears a pleasant feeling. You will therefore be able to devote yourself fully to your sporting activity without worrying about your headphones.


Encore makes its best to offer users the larger battery autonomy. Most of our products benefit from advanced technology. Recent studies reveal that playtime capacity is crucial in the choice of the product. We take this into account when developping our products.

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