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The Deep headset, an Encore product that will touch perfection…

The entire team is still working hard to develop products that best meet your expectations. This is what it is currently doing to develop the new noise reduction headset DEEP. It is not easy to develop a product in this range because we want to offer you an exceptional headset that you have never seen before.

Ideas came up during the various brainstormings but there was still missing that little “something” that would bring the product to perfection and innovation. We then tried to immerse ourselves in the user’s skin and understand what he thought essential to the product:

  • we have designed these headphones as the whole range ENCORE: wireless. The wires on your headset will not get tangled up when you put your headset back in your bag;
  • we then had to think about the autonomy of the product. It is important to be able to rely on our headset at all times without the battery running out. This is why we have developed the highest autonomy of all the products ENCORE : 36 hours of uninterrupted listening! You can go to the other side of the world without any battery worries;
  • when you want to isolate yourself from the outside world to listen to good music or just to concentrate, it is not always pleasant to hear traffic and crowds in the background. Also, the Deep headset will feature active external noise reduction technology;
  • finally, we put the icing on the cake with the tactile function that we will integrate into the product. Indeed, thanks to this function, a touch will be enough to manage your calls and your music. No, it’s not magic but simply innovative technology…

Although colour may seem like a detail in the design of a product, it is this colour that will give the final touch to the product and, with ENCORE, nothing is left to chance. Therefore, help us to choose which colour would best suit the product by providing us with your feedback.

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